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Aquatic Remedies Stress Heal - 50ml | Reduce Stress

Aquatic Remedies Stress Heal - 50ml | Reduce Stress

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An active ingredient, aloe vera acts as a natural wound healer and a greater immune stimulant, reducing fish stress. Suitable during transport, acclimatization, and water exchange. Quickly removes chlorine in tap water and binds toxic compounds.


10 ml / 100 liter, during transport: 1 ml / 5 liter.

It acts as a life savior by reducing ammonia build-up and infectious diseases. Suitable to use during pre and post-transport acclimatization and water change.
Slime Coat:
Added natural compound forms a protective slime coat that reduces the stress and maintains the osmatic balance of fish.
Wound Heal:
Aloe vera extract contains natural anti-microbial content to act as a wound healer, immunity enhancer, and stress reducer.
Detoxify chlorine, chloramine and inactivate heavy metals in tap water. Reduces ammonia toxicity.
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