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Foodie Puppies

Foodie Puppies Stainless Steel Curved Scissor for Fish Tank Aquarium

Foodie Puppies Stainless Steel Curved Scissor for Fish Tank Aquarium

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Foodie Puppies aquatic plant scissor is ideal for any aquarium, terrarium, or aquascape tank owner who finds it important that their aquatic plants can be trimmed properly but also easily. The scissor is made of high-quality stainless steel, and a long service life is guaranteed. This makes it extremely suitable for your aquascaping hobby where you will use this tool more than average. The scissor is made of this specific type of light stainless steel, it fits comfortably in your hand. The scissor has sharp blades, allowing for very flexible and precise cutting. As it is made of premium stainless steel, it is not easy to get rust. Exquisite design can be used in fish with good flexibility. Fish scissors with ergonomic design when trimming tiny water or foreground plants in aquariums. It is easy to operate and the plants can be precisely pruned according to your requirements. Suitable for aquarium use, trimming small or thin water plants. It is 25cm sized, long enough to reach out between the delicate plants easily. Suitable for small to medium size aquariums.

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