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Foodie Puppies

Foodie Puppies Adjustable Cleansable Female Puppy Diaper - Medium

Foodie Puppies Adjustable Cleansable Female Puppy Diaper - Medium

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Foodie Puppies Washable Female Dog Diapers are versatile and designed with your pets in mind. Prevent unfortunate accidents on floors, rugs, upholstery, and cars. Whether your furry loved one is a young puppy who isn't fully house-trained, an older dog suffering from occasional incontinence, or a female dog in heat, these dog diapers are the solution.

  • Crafted with a soft and super-absorbent liner for your dog’s comfort.
  • Made with a waterproof outer layer to help prevent leakage.
  • Features a convenient cutout for your dog’s tail so it can wag freely.

The super absorbent core of these wraps is specifically designed to hold up water well and lock in all moisture, doesn't leak, and works every time. Adjustable and strong velcro can fit a larger range of waist lengths and weights.

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