5 Vital Things to Consider Before You Get a Pet

5 Vital Things to Consider Before You Get a Pet

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when any stray dog passes by? Do you struggle to have a glance at your neighbour's cat? or Do you slide down the party just to enjoy your time with the host's puppy? If yes, then you, my friend need to get a pet. But it's not that easy... first, you gotta figure out if you're actually ready for it. Just because you love to adore pets with your warm heart doesn't mean you can take care of it. You need to consider some things before you bring a pet into your life. 

1) What Kind of Animal Can Be Your Best Pal?

Choosing the right pet can lead to a rewarding and lifelong companionship. You can select a pet to be your best mate based on their unique qualities, Like: 

  • Dogs are loyal, active and love to be the centre of attention. They require daily exercise and social interaction, so if you have an active lifestyle, then my friend a pup can be your best pal. 
  • Cats are independent, affectionate on their own terms, playful, and curious pets. They are low-maintenance as compared to dogs. If you prefer a pet that needs less constant attention, then you better go with it. 
  • For those with limited space or time, smaller pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, or fish provide low-maintenance companionship.
  • Birds, with their social and interactive nature, can be engaging and intelligent friends. Just need a clean space and a balanced diet. Suitable for people who like to interact with their pets.

Each type of pet brings its own joy and companionship, so consider your circumstances and the pet's needs to find your perfect match.

2) Be Committed

Commitment to a pet isn't just providing food and shelter, it's a promise to take care of their physical, emotional, and social needs. You didn't get a pet to make’em feel miserable and stuck in an empty apartment while you sweat your day at work. Dogs and cats need more attention and time. If you think you can't devote your time to them, then get yourself a low attention-demanding pet.

3) Can You Afford?

The most essential question you have to ask yourself is... Are you financially strong enough to take responsibility for another living being? Especially, when it's a pet. Because affording a pet involves considering both initial and ongoing costs. Before you get a pet, you should consider that owning a pet comes with monetary responsibilities: adoption fees, vaccinations, initial medical check-ups, food, grooming, toys and trainer charges.

4) Will It Fit Your Lifestyle?

I'm gonna get this pet, it looks so cute... Nahh. Listen human, let me stop you there, this must be the worst decision you'll ever make. It would end up getting them in an animal shelter when they show their goofiness, neediness, and intolerable high energy. If you want a dog, a cat, a bird or any animal on this earth, get to know that breed first. Do some research, because bringing a pet into your family can affect your lifestyle. More than half of your family members should be supportive and comfortable when a pet roams around the house and creates a mess.

5) Training & Exercise

If you're planning to get a dog or a cat, training is something you can't go without. Behavioural training should be on top of your list. Start from basic, potty training. Train them to behave well or else, they'll leave a big mess for you to clean. Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Birds don't require such training, you can train them for extra activities. Dogs are extra energetic pets so need daily exercise and an active lifestyle too!

Conclusion: Consider all these things before you bring a pet into your family, family support, temperament, time, space, lifestyle, training and exercise. Ensure a harmonious relationship between you and your pet by giving the necessary care, love and attention. The right pet can become your best pal, whether it's a goofy puppy, an independent cat, a curious rabbit or a mockingbird. It'll lead you to a lifetime of joy and happiness.

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