Things to Bear in Mind When Litter Train Kitten

Things to Bear in Mind When Litter Train Kitten

1) What's the Right Time to Introduce?

As early as you introduce them to a litter box, it's good for them and you too! However, kittens under 3 weeks need to be stimulated by their mums to eliminate and clean after. During that time kittens don't need a litter box. You can litter train your kitten at around the age of 4 weeks by offering a friendly litter and litter box.

2) Choose the Right Litter Box

Selecting a perfect litter box for your kitten is a crucial task. The small litter box is uncomfortable and too large is intimidating for kittens. A litter box of approximately 1.5 times their length can go best with them. It should be large enough for them to move around comfortably.

Covered or Uncovered litter box? It depends on your kitten's nature, Some cats feel trapped if the litter box is covered on the contrary, some cats like a covered box for personal preference. If possible, give your kitten a choice to see what they prefer.

There should always be a spare litter box in the house. If you have 2 kittens then there should be 3 litter box at least. 

3) Right Type of Litter

Cats have their own preferences about whether, the litter is scented, unscented, clumping or non-clumping. But kittens should not be given scented litter for at least 2-3 months as some kittens are smell sensitive. When it comes to clumping litter, there's a risk to the kittens if ingested, while adult cats opt for clumping litter and it's easier to scoop out too!

4) Right Placement of Litter Box

Placing the litter box in the right place is a critical factor. Some cats want privacy when using the restroom and some feel trapped in the corner. So, place the litter box in a quiet, low-traffic area (not in the corner) where cats can easily reach and feel free. Don't place it near feeding bowls and their toys to avoid distraction. Place multiple litter boxes if you have a large space so that they can reach them in the nick of time.

5) How to Introduce?

After selecting all the stuff and placing the litter box in the right place, It's time to introduce your kitten to the litter box. First, show your kitten the location of the litter boxes. Place your kitten gently in the litter box, let them sniff, dig and use the litter box. If your kitten didn't use the litter box at first, don't force them. Try to change the location of the box.

6) Build a Good Habit

Praise your kitten or give them rewards when they use the litter box as taught. Create a positive understanding. Softly, pet and cuddle your kitten after they correctly use the litter box. Don't punish or scold them for accidents, address the mistake and reinforce the correct behaviour so next time they'll use the litter box correctly.

7) Maintain Cleanliness

Cats are very clean animals and may avoid the dirty litter box. So, remove the clumps and waste out of the litter box after every elimination. Add some litter back to maintain the depth. Replace new litter and wash the box with mild soap once a week.


It's good for you and your kitten to start as early as possible. Select litter box, litter and location to place it considering your cat's nature. Reinforcing a good behavior through praise, rewards, treats, and gentle guidance helps your kitten understand and repeat desired actions. Maintain a clean & comfortable litter box. A comfortable domain encourages regular use.

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