From Pup to Pal: Transforming Your Dog's Behavior with 6 Sure Ways

From Pup to Pal: Transforming Your Dog's Behavior with 6 Sure Ways

Bringing a dog into your life can be one of the most rewarding experiences. They are the best friend who always has your back. How would you transform that cute pup who knows nothing but to pee on your carpet to a trustful companion who heals you through you're down bad? To unlock how you can shape their behaviour? Read on…

1. Train Early, Save Time

Dogs are like eternal toddlers, full of curiosity and energy. Training your pup is much easier than trying to correct an adult dog's habits. Begin basic training, such as sit, down, and stay, at 9-12 weeks old to save yourself hours of housecleaning in the future.

2. Craft Well-Behaved and Skilled Dog

Whether you train them yourself or hire a professional, be clear about your ultimate goal for your dog. Do you want your dog to be a best friend or have a specialised career, like a therapy dog? Training ranges from basic commands to advanced techniques. Proper training is crucial for a well-behaved dog, you don't want your dog to be in the news for negative incidents. Good training makes a fine dog.

3. All They Need is Your Time

Spend a good time with your Dog! You didn't get a pet to make him feel miserable and stuck in an empty apartment while you sweat your day at work. Did you? Organise some pet-friendly events at your workplace and in your society where everyone can bring their pet. Kinda Meet & Greet! The more time you invest, the more human-like he will become.

4. Be The Alpha of The Pack

Dogs are surely pack animals and need a firm, confident leader. Pack leader loves, but not spoils and firm, but not threatening. Never let your dog ascend over you no matter how ‘cute’ faces he makes. When you will believe in yourself, he will believe in you. So, be confident in every situation.

5. Don’t Bound, Bond!

If you want your pet to be more human-like, you need to start treating them like one. Train your dog to listen to you from the start; a firm tone won't work always. let them roam and groom around, don't chain them up all the time. He is a part of your family like everyone. If you tie them down for destroying your furniture then trust me you're just stopping him from doing so, not addressing the root cause.

6. Sense of Emotions

Scientifically, dogs have sense of understanding over 165 words and we all know that we tend to talk to our pets. Associate each emotion with a word to create more understanding with your dog. They can sense fear, love, and anger-like emotions. Having a conversation with them wouldn't only take off your stress but also bring you closer to your pet.

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