Cruel Summer to Cool Summer: For Pet Birds

Cruel Summer to Cool Summer: For Pet Birds

Summer is challenging for everyone, whether it's humans, dogs, cats or birds! In summer, Taking care of your bird requires extra attention to keep them healthy, comfortable, and safe from the heat waves. Here are some tips to help you care for your feathered friend in this cruel summer. 

1) Balanced Temperature

Birds are temperature-sensitive, and controlling temperature is vital for preventing from heat waves but it must not be too cool for them. If you switch on AC make sure the vents are not facing your bird directly - it could be too freeze for them. Observe your bird's reaction as the temperature changes. Ensure that your bird is secured in the cage to keep them safe from the fan's blade when you switch on the fan.

2) Keep Them Hydrated

Provide them plenty of water, fresh and cool. Ensure it's clean and changed frequently. Place an extra water dish in the cage, if your bird like to bathe. Avoid direct sunlight, and keep the feeder in a shaded area. Lightly mist your bird with water using a spray bottle. Most birds enjoy this and it helps keep them cool.

3) Diet Adjustments

Provide your bird a healthy and hydrated diet with high water content. Give them fruits, such as watermelon, cucumber, orange, apple, berries and grapes. These fruits are vitamin-rich, and keep your bird hydrated and healthy. Maintain their regular balanced diet of seeds to ensure they receive all necessary nutrients.

4) Vitamin-D

It’s necessary for them to get sunlight for Vitamin D as humans do. This can be challenging in summer, midday or afternoon are not good-to-go options. The best time would be early morning when the sun rises. It’s important, especially for those bird parents who keep their birds indoor all the time.

5) Monitor Them

Observe the signs of overheating, including panting, holding wings away from the body, lethargy, and excessive thirst. If you notice any of these signs, move your bird to a cooler place and consult your vet.

6) Safety Precautions

Take precautions, and keep them hydrated from the very start (Summer). Never leave them in a parked car. Be cautious with summer-specific products, know about them before you use them.


Pay attention to their behaviour, and keep them hydrated and nourished. Take precautions, and maintain the temperature accordingly, seek veterinary advice. 

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy this summer season considering all these tips and good care of your bird.

Note: Keep a bowl of cool water on your terrace and outside your house for stray animals. This small gesture can make a big difference in keeping them hydrated and comfortable during the hot summer days.

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